A Little Bit About Us

About Us

ConnectScheduler is part of the ConnectBusiness software line, which includes the ConnectBusiness web & iPad POS app, as well as the ConnectBusiness CRM program. All ConnectBusiness software is designed and developed by the Denver based software & web development team at InspireSmart. Since 2004, InspireSmart has been providing innovative solutions to businesses across the world, including web design & development, custom software and application development, and mobile application development.

If you would like to inquire about how the ConnectBusiness software line can increase your business efficiency and sales success, please contact us at 720-432-5616 or submit a contact request using our secure form. We have a wide range of experience with businesses and building solutions to technical problems in a competitive day and age, and we would love to discuss how we can help your business grow and prosper.