ConnectScheduler in 8 Easy Steps

How it works

Step 1: Add a company

From the Companies screen, administrators can add companies that will be hosting events. These companies will be given a landing page where job applicants or attendees of an event can book a timeblock for an interview or other appointment.

Add a company
Add users

Step 2: Add users

Users are able to manage certain company accounts, allowing them to create events for those companies and manually book interviews or appointments for those companies' events. Users login using their own email and password and only have access to companies that have been assigned to them by administrators.

Step 3: Assign companies to users

From the Edit User screen, an administrator can assign certain companies to a user, giving that user access to those companies' events and schedules when he or she logs in. Administrators may also grant users admin status, allowing full access to the ConnectScheduler application.

Edit user
Create an email template

Step 4: Create an email template

Users can create email templates for the companies they manage, which are automatically sent out to job applicants or attendees of an event when those individuals book a timeblock or have a timeblock booked for them by a ConnectScheduler user. These templates are typically used to confirm the timeblock that an applicant or attendee has scheduled.

Step 5: Create a company event

Creating an event for a company takes only a few seconds. To create an event, a user must specify the city and state where the event will be held, the email address of the event's administrator, the amount of time each interview or appointment will run at the event, and whether or not to accept resumes from job applicants who book interviews.

Create a company event
Edit event details

Step 6: Edit event details

Once an event is created, users can edit the specific details of that event. These details include the event's schedule (which can be split up into multiple sessions to allow for lunch and other breaks), the number of recruiters that will be attending the event, any particular positions that job applicants are allowed to choose when booking an interview, and the email template that will be sent to applicants or attendees when booking an interview.

Step 7: Book your interviews or appointments

ConnectScheduler allows job applicants or attendees to book timeblocks for interviews or appointments automatically by visiting a company's online landing page. However, ConnectBusiness users may book interviews or appointments manually for those applicants or attendees who call to schedule a timeblock. This is just another example of the automation and flexibility that ConnectScheduler provides companies.

Book interviews or appointments
View the event calendar

Step 8: View event calendar and export to PDF

Once a user has booked up an event with interviews or appointments, he or she can view the event calendar and export the calendar to a PDF. This makes it easy for users and administrators to send these event calendar schedules to recruiters and event coordinators.